Influences of the dosage of dolomite powder on the fracture properties and volume stability of cement-based materials: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures: Vol 0, No 0


The consequences of dolomite powder dosage on the fracture properties and quantity stability of cement-based supplies have been investigated by three-point bending technique and corrugated tube technique, respectively. The experiment outcomes confirmed that the fracture toughness of cement mortar incorporating dolomite powder was raised in comparison with that of reference cement mortar. After dolomite powder was added into cement paste, the development of fracture toughness, flexure, and compressive energy was noticed because of the formation of a brand new section (magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate) mixed with the nucleation and bodily filling impact. Autogenous shrinkage of samples incorporating dolomite powder have been increased than that of the management samples as a result of the addition of dolomite powder elevated the floor pressure of water in pores and the compression on the partitions of capillary pores, facilitating increased autogenous shrinkage. Drying shrinkage of cement pastes blended with dolomite powder was decrease than that of the management samples. The refinement of the pore construction of samples incorporating dolomite powder decreased the inner capillary strain, inflicting smaller drying shrinkage.


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