Boolean logic gate based on DNA strand displacement for biosensing: current and emerging strategies

DNA computer systems are thought-about some of the outstanding next-generation molecular computer systems that carry out Boolean logic utilizing DNA parts. DNA-based Boolean logic gates, particularly DNA strand displacement-based logic gates (SDLGs), have proven super potential in biosensing since they will carry out the logic evaluation of multi-targets concurrently. Furthermore, SDLG biosensors generate a novel output within the type of YES/NO, which is opposite to the quantitative measurement utilized in frequent biosensors. On this evaluate, the latest achievements of SDLG biosensing methods are summarized. Initially, the event and mechanisms of Boolean logic gates, strand-displacement response, and SDLGs are launched. Afterwards, the diversified enter and output of SDLG biosensors are elaborated. Then, the state-of-the-art SDLG biosensors are reviewed within the classification of various signal-amplification strategies, reminiscent of rolling circle amplification, catalytic hairpin meeting, strand-displacement amplification, DNA molecular machines, and DNAzymes. Most significantly, limitations and future developments are mentioned. The expertise reviewed here’s a promising instrument for multi-input evaluation and lays a basis for clever diagnostics.


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