Twisted Light Induced Magnetic Anisotropy Changes in an Interlayer Exchange Coupling System

All-optical switching of magnetic supplies is a possible technique for realizing high-efficiency and high-speed knowledge writing in spintronics gadgets. The present technique, which makes use of two round helicities of sunshine to govern magnetic domains, relies on femtosecond pulsed lasers. On this examine, we display a brand new all-optical switching technique utilizing a continuous-wave Laguerre-Gaussian beam (twisted mild), which permits photons to hold orbital angular momentum with discrete ranges, ellhbar, to change the magnetic anisotropy of an interlayer change coupling system. The straightforward axis of the heterojunction, Pt(5 nm)/ Co(1.2 nm)/ Ru(1.four nm)/ Co(zero.four nm)/ Pt(5 nm), on SiO2/Si substrate dramatically modified after illuminating it with a laser beam carrying a adequate quantum variety of orbital angular momentum. Primarily based on a easy numerical calculation, we deduced that the interplay between the dynamical section rotation of the electrical subject and the metallic floor might generate an in-plane round present loop that consequently induce a perpendicular stray subject to vary the magnetic anisotropy. This discovering paves the way in which for developments within the subject of magnetic-based spintronics utilizing mild with orbital angular momentum.


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