Synthesis, Properties, and Derivatization of Poly(dihydrogermane): A Germanium-Based Polyethylene Analogue

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Polygermanes are germanium-based analogues of polyolefins and possess polymer backbones made up catenated Ge atoms. Within the current contribution we report the preparation of a germanium polyethylene analogue, polydihydrogermane (GeH2)n, by way of two simple approaches that contain topotactic deintercalation of Ca ions from the CaGe Zintl section. The ensuing (GeH2)n possesses morphologically dependent chemical and digital properties and thermally decomposes to yield amorphous hydrogenated Ge. We additionally present that the ensuing (GeH2)n supplies a platform from which functionalized polygermanes might be ready by way of thermally induced hydrogermylation-mediated pendant group substitution.


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