Real-time monitoring of crystallization from solution by using an interdigitated electro-chemical sensor array

Monitoring crystallization occasions in real-time is difficult however essential for understanding molecular dynamics related to nucleation and crystal progress, that are certainly one of nature’s most bold phenomena. Latest observations have indicated that the normal nucleation mannequin, which describes the nucleus having already the ultimate crystal construction, might not be legitimate. In distinction, the molecular meeting can vary from crystalline to partially ordered to completely amorphous phases, and its meeting may even change in the course of the crystallization course of. Subsequently, it’s of vital significance to develop strategies capable of present real-time monitoring of the molecular interactions with excessive temporal decision. Right here, we show that a easy and scalable strategy based mostly on interdigitated electro-chemical sensors (IESs) is ready to get insights on the dynamics of the crystallization course of with a temporal decision of 15 ms.


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