Make Tabs FAST in Google Sheets

Set up Add-on


TemplateTab is a Google Sheets Add-on that permits you to duplicate a graphic organizer inside a spreadsheet for each scholar in your roster.

Hack TemplateTab

Hack TemplateTab to easily create plenty of tabs shortly.

Add-on Menu

After putting in TemplateTab you will see that it completely put in within the Add-on menu. Which means it’s accessible in any spreadsheet. Use the Add-on menu to decide on “TemplateTab” and choose “Setup Sheet.” It will add a sheet to the entrance of the workbook.

As a substitute of Roster

The template for the TemplateTab setup says “roster.” As a substitute of placing scholar names kind any title you want to use for the tab creation. For instance if you happen to had been organizing the college musical you would wish a tab for auditions, schedule, solid members, guardian volunteers, funds, and so on…

2nd Tab is the Template

The primary sheet in your spreadsheet will act because the listing of tab names to create. The second sheet is the template for what’s copied. Depart this a clean sheet until you wish to pre-format the tabs you might be creating with phrase wrap, freezing the primary row or different.

TemplateTab operates on the primary TWO sheets!

Run TemplateTab

Return again to the Add-on menu and select “Run TemplateTab.” It will shortly create a brand new tab in your spreadsheet for every merchandise in your listing.


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