DIY Wind Turbines and How They Work

Earlier this week TED-Ed printed a brand new lesson titled How Do Wind Generators Work? The video covers the fundamentals of how the generators harness the ability of wind to generate electrical energy. The fundamental math of wind turbine design can be defined to viewers of the video. General, it is a advantageous lesson however not probably the most detailed of classes. If you’d like college students to be taught extra about how wind generators work, contemplate having them construct their very own small wind generators. 

Microsoft’s Hacking STEM web site provides an in depth undertaking information for constructing mannequin windmills and wind generators. Not solely will college students construct the windmills, they will additionally seize knowledge generated by their windmills. The information is captured in real-time via using Arduino and the Information Streamer add-in for Excel. College students then analyze the information to judge the effectiveness of their windmill and wind turbine designs. 

Microsoft’s Hacking STEM windmill exercise is nice when you have the time and sources required to do it. If you happen to do not and you need rather less in-depth windmill undertaking, check out Instructables. There you can find dozens of windmill and wind turbine tasks starting from comparatively easy cardboard creations to full-fledged generators able to powering home equipment. 

Lastly, if you have not seen the TED video of William Kamkwamba sharing his story of constructing a windmill, it’s good to watch it. It is the premise of the e-book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. 

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