Bullets and Numbering in Google Docs

Take your bullet factors and numbering to the subsequent stage in Google Docs.

Use Tab

If you click on the bullet or numbering icon in Google Docs it can instantly begin your record. Urgent Enter after typing your first merchandise will create a second bullet or quantity. These bullet factors will line up. If you wish to indent additional, use the Tab key.

Discover after urgent Enter I used the Tab key to indent after which after urgent Enter once more additional indented and stored the layering going through the use of the Tab key.

Shift Tab

So now that I’m indented three ranges in, how do I get again? SHIFT TAB. Maintain down the shift key and press Tab to again the bullet record up.

Proceed Numbering

When utilizing numbering Tab and Shift Tab additionally work. Nevertheless, when I’m numbering objects I typically need to break up the record to say issues between the numbering. For instance in my ebook Stepping As much as Google Classroom I’ve listed 50 methods to start out utilizing Google Classroom. I would like every of the 50 issues numbered however I need to write a paragraph, embody an image, and provides a tip for every one.

Urgent Enter twice exits the numbering and permits me to return to common paragraph writing. Nevertheless, once I click on the numbering icon once more it begins over once more at one.

Proper Click on

Proper click on within the new numbering record. This may present a number of choices to your textual content, together with “Proceed earlier numbering.”

Restart Numbering

What if you wish to set the quantity to be one thing particular? On proper click on select “Restart numbering.”

Select the Quantity

Selecting “Restart numbering” permits you to select what quantity you need to restart at. It doesn’t should restart at 1!


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