Origin of the Giant Enhanced Raman Scattering by Sulfur Chains Encapsulated inside Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

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On this work, we clarify the origin and the mechanism chargeable for the robust enhancement of the Raman sign of sulfur chains encapsulated by single-wall carbon nanotubes by operating resonance Raman measurements in a variety of excitation energies for 2 nanotube samples with completely different diameter distributions. The Raman sign related to the vibrational modes of the sulfur chain is noticed when it’s confined by small-diameter metallic nanotubes. Furthermore, a robust enhancement of the Raman sign is noticed for excitation energies akin to the formation of excited nanotube-chain-hybrid digital states. Our speculation was additional examined by excessive strain Raman measurements and confirmed by density purposeful concept calculations of the digital density of states of hybrid methods shaped by sulfur chains encapsulated by various kinds of single-wall carbon nanotubes.


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