High-Electrification Performance and Mechanism of a Water–Solid Mode Triboelectric Nanogenerator

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With some great benefits of superior put on resistance, mechanical sturdiness, and stability, the liquid–stable mode triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) has been attracting a lot consideration within the area of power harvesting and self-powered sensors. Nevertheless, most stories are primarily observational, and there nonetheless lacks a common mannequin of this type of TENG. Right here, an equal circuit mannequin and corresponding governing equations of a water–stable mode TENG are developed, which might simply be prolonged to different forms of liquid–stable mode TENGs. Primarily based on the first-order lumped circuit principle, the complete equal circuit mannequin of water–stable mode TENG is modeled as a sequence connection of two capacitors and a water resistor. Accordingly, its output traits and significant influences are examined, to analyze the related bodily mechanism behind them. Afterward, a three-dimensional water–stable TENG array constructed from many single-wire TENGs is fabricated, which cannot solely harvest tiny quantities of power from any motion of water, but additionally can confirm our theoretical predictions. The basics of the water–stable mode TENG introduced on this work might contribute to fixing the issue of electrical phenomena on a liquid–stable interface, and should set up a sound foundation for an intensive understanding of the liquid–stable mode TENG.


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