A Single Molecule Polyphenylene-Vinylene Photonic Wire

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Nanoscale transport of sunshine via single molecule methods is of basic significance for gentle harvesting, nanophotonic circuits, and for understanding photosynthesis. Research on group of molecular entities for directional switch of excitation vitality have centered on vitality switch cascades through a number of small molecule dyes. Right here, we examine a single molecule conjugated polymer as a photonic wire. The phenylene-vinylene-based polymer is functionalized with a number of DNA strands and immobilized on DNA origami by hybridization to a observe of single-stranded staples extending from the origami construction. Donor and acceptor fluorophores are positioned at particular positions alongside the polymer which permits vitality switch from donor to polymer, via the polymer, and from polymer to acceptor. The construction is characterised by atomic pressure microscopy, and the vitality switch is studied by ensemble fluorescence spectroscopy and single molecule TIRF microscopy. It’s discovered that the polymer photonic wire is able to transferring gentle over distances of 24 nm. This demonstrates the potential residing in the usage of conjugated polymers for nanophotonics.


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