A Single Molecule Polyphenylene-Vinylene Photonic Wire

Nanoscale transport of sunshine via single molecule methods is of basic significance for gentle harvesting, nanophotonic circuits, and for understanding photosynthesis. Research on group of molecular entities for directional switch of excitation vitality have centered on vitality switch cascades through a number of small molecule dyes. Right here, we examine a single molecule conjugated polymer … Read more

Rapid Responsive Mechanochromic Photonic Pigments with Alternating Glassy-Rubbery Concentric Lamellar Nanostructures

Photonic pigment particles ready by way of self-assembly have been affected by their poor mechanical performances; i.e., they’ll simply be broken and lose structural colour beneath a compression drive. This drastically limits their makes use of as mechanochromic pigments. Right here, a nanoscale concentric lamellar construction of alternating glassy-rubbery microdomains is efficiently created inside photonic … Read more

Nanotechnology Now – Press Release: Researchers realize high-efficiency frequency conversion on integrated photonic chip

Residence > Press > Researchers understand high-efficiency frequency conversion on built-in photonic chip Summary:A workforce led by Prof. GUO Guangcan and Prof. ZOU Changling from the College of Science and Know-how of China of the Chinese language Academy of Sciences realized environment friendly frequency conversion in microresonators through a degenerate sum-frequency course of, and achieved … Read more

Nanotechnology Now – Press Release: New tech builds ultralow-loss integrated photonic circuits

House > Press > New tech builds ultralow-loss built-in photonic circuits Built-in silicon nitride photonic chips with meter-long spiral waveguides. CREDIT Jijun He, Junqiu Liu (EPFL) Summary:Encoding info into mild, and transmitting it by way of optical fibers lies on the core of optical communications. With an extremely low lack of zero.2 dB/km, optical … Read more

Photonic-crystal ‘sunflower’ follows the light – Physics World

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