Atomic Point Contact Considerably Enhances Raman Scattering at Nanoscale

Written by AZoNanoCould 10 2021 Immediately, nanofabrication of digital techniques has reached a 1 nm scale (10−9 m). The short growth of nanotechnology and nanoscience at the moment wants atomic-scale optical spectroscopy to outline atomistic constructions that may affect the features and properties of the digital units. (a) Illustration of the experiment. (b) Scanning electron … Read more

Origin of the Giant Enhanced Raman Scattering by Sulfur Chains Encapsulated inside Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

On this work, we clarify the origin and the mechanism chargeable for the robust enhancement of the Raman sign of sulfur chains encapsulated by single-wall carbon nanotubes by operating resonance Raman measurements in a variety of excitation energies for 2 nanotube samples with completely different diameter distributions. The Raman sign related to the vibrational modes … Read more